Bathroom Stained Glass is a Beautiful Choice for Ensuring Your Privacy

A Studio With a Purpose

Bathroom stained glass windows are one of our most popular choices for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. In many bathrooms, large windows overlook the bathtub, while smaller bathroom windows often lend light to the vanity or shower.  While these windows are great at allowing light into your bathroom they also reduce your privacy.

Putting blinds or other window covers means climbing in and out of the bathtub a couple of times a day to control the light and the privacy, and in the end the homeowner will get tired of this and just keep the blind closed permanently, thereby losing all the daylight.

Stained Glass Shower Doors

Other bathroom stained glass applications include shower windows and even leaded glass between two areas in the bathroom such as a shower room and the main bathroom area. In cases where the shower has a window which has direct and repeated contact with water, Scottish Stained Glass has developed a water-proof method to seal the leaded glass inside the two panes of the double pane window to ensure the leaded glass never comes into contact with the water jets. This also makes for easy cleaning and complies with all building code regulations. All stained glass window designs bathroom windows are custom made to be affordable, and built using the unique Scottish Stained Glass methods of excellence. To see more, check out our complete gallery of stained glass bathroom windows.

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