Run a Fundraising Drive for Religious Stained Glass Restoration

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If your church, cathedral, or temple has gorgeous stained glass windows that are in need of restoration or repair, it’s best not to wait. For many churches across the country, their stained glass windows are nearing or passing the century mark, and might be showing signs of distress. This can include the windows bowing or sagging, the glass cracking or even falling out, and of course, the years might have added a considerable layer of grime that has faded the stained glass’ luster to a dull phantom of its original beauty.


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We always advice that clients have their stained glass restored at the first sign it needs work, but frequently they are stopped by financial considerations. The larger the stained glass panels, the more expensive the restoration will be. For many churches, repairing and restoring windows can cost many thousands of dollars that are not on hand.

Scottish can help with religious stained glass fundraising. We can assist your church or temple with the fundraising drive that will allow your congregation to show their support. Many congregants feel the stained glass windows are an important part of their church’s history and their own worship experience. We’ve found that religious stained glass restoration is a project they can truly get behind.

If your church has never done a major fundraising project, the amounts required might seem daunting at first. But church fundraising has a long history, so you can use the same processes that have worked for other congregations in the past. Once we give you the cost of the restoration, you will have already accomplished the first step in successful fundraising: setting a goal.

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Scottish Stained Glass can not only restore your antique religious stained glass, we believe that this kind of restoration is so important that we would like to help you with the fundraising as well. Please contact us for some ideas as to how we can help you to reach out and generate the monies needed for this stained glass restoration!

Never done any religious stained glass fundraising? Here are some other fundraising ideas from the site

  1. Put together an enthusiastic group of volunteers who are willing to help with the fund drive.
  2. Decide whether you’ll be asking for funds from congregants or local businesses and community leaders as well.
  3. Choose the nature of the fund drive; whether you’ll be running an activity that can raise funds such as a car wash, or selling products such as candy, books, etc. Consider the time of year when making these decisions.

According to ShareFaith, the season will also play into your fundraising efforts.

Season is also very important when choosing your fundraiser. Be aware of the seasons and how they’re changing. If you live in Minnesota and are raising money in January, for example, you probably don’t want to run a carwash. Likewise, if you’re approaching Lent, candy and sweets are out of the question for many churches. If you live in a rural area, on the other hand, flower and garden products are perfect in the right seasons.”

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