Retail Stained Glass Differentiates Your Location from Your Competition

Scottish Stained Glass has completed dozens of projects for retail locations around the country. Our retail stained glass can be used as beautiful, original centerpieces, extraordinary pieces of detail artwork, and as functional, practical elements. While most of our retail work has been completed in boutiques and individual locations, we can also complete stained glass projects for regional or national chains.

How Can Your Retail Location Benefit from Stained Glass?

retail stained glass

Stained glass is a luxurious way to personalize your retail store and give it a distinct look that stands out in the eyes of customers. Stained and leaded glass windows offer both aesthetic and practical appeal, enhancing the way that stores look while also making them more functional and accommodating to the needs of a growing business. Whether your goal is to create a more modern, professional look throughout your store, make your customers feel comfortable by creating privacy, or increase natural light, our custom stained glass installations are the perfect solution.

Explore Endless Design Possibilities for Your Store

When it comes to retail, stained glass can be used in an infinite amount of ways and places. At Scottish Stained Glass, we specialize in our ability to produce truly custom pieces that cater to the unique needs of each retail business we serve. No matter what shape, size, or style of installation you’re looking for, we’re confident that we can produce a beautiful, custom feature that helps you achieve whatever design plans you have in mind for your store. 

retail stained glass

Window Installations

retail stained glass

The installation of stained glass in retail locations can occur over existing windows, preventing the need for any sort of construction or mess. 

Checkout Counters

Behind the checkout counter is also an ideal location to incorporate stained glass. It draws attention through the store and to the register. 

retail stained glass

Ceilings & Skylights

retail stained glass

Stained glass panels can be installed in the ceiling, creating unique and appealing light fixtures, and a focal point that will be remembered by your customers.

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms invite a lot of design opportunities within retail spaces as well. When you are trying on clothes you want to be in a comfortable but stylish atmosphere. Dressing room doors can be adorned with stained glass for artistic appeal and privacy.  We can create dressing room doors that match the style and colors that you want incorporated into your store. 

retail stained glass


retail stained glass

For a truly stunning look, have your stained glass installed in the front door of your retail space! Scottish Stained Glass can create an inviting entryway for your business that will open up your store in a beautiful way!

Create the Perfect Look with Subtle, Beautiful Details

Having stained glass in your retail space does not mean it has to distract from the products. If you would prefer to have the glass be more of a subtle detail, there are plenty of routes your store can take. Counter fronts offer a strong opportunity to showcase stained glass. These  lower installations won’t be distracting, but once your customers notice them, they’ll make a lasting impression.

Stained glass also offers a delightful way to get creative with retail signage! Stained or leaded glass can also be used to organize your store in an unexpected way.  Creating stained glass signs within your retail space will create an upscale, elegant look for your location, setting your business apart from the others.

Give Your Store a Sophisticated, Stylish Look with Leaded Glass

retail stained glass

Leaded glass windows offer a beautiful alternative for businesses who are interested in a more versatile, timeless look. Leaded glass shines in the sunlight like a beautiful gem. It creates an ambiance of elegance and refinement, instantly elevating the atmosphere of any store. These stunning installations can be used as beautiful room dividers, hallway pieces, or even stunning artwork for restrooms and fitting areas. Your customers will be enchanted by the beautiful way that the glass catches the sunlight and sends dazzling rays of prismatic light throughout the room. 

At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer our retail partners endless options for their leaded glass design. Our artisans can make a beautiful, handcrafted installation that speaks to your brand and adds instant appeal and luxury to your store. Whether you prefer the striking beauty of beveled glass, the simplicity of clear, textured glass, or the practical benefits of privacy glass, we can create the perfect addition for your store.

Discover Unique, Authentic Ways to Represent Your Brand

If your retail location has a color scheme you wish to continue throughout the decor, we can match and accentuate it since all of our designs are custom. However, if you would prefer to have a more sleek and simple look, leaded glass is a wonderful option to consider.  We specialize in many different styles, and since each piece is custom, we can accommodate any look and style of a business location.

retail stained glass

Enhance Your Retail Store with Stained Glass

retail stained glass

The quality of design in your retail location reflects the quality of your shop and products. Show your customers you care about the details and that you know what good design is all about. Contact us today to learn more about how our stained glass windows will work in your retail location.

The design is perfect for the room. I enjoy the prismatic effect every afternoon in our beautiful bathroom. This company exceded my expectations. They gave personal service. They made me realize that every customer is important, & no job is too small.

Mary Ellis / Denver, Colorado
September 25, 2019

I Love my sidelight and half moon leaded glass windows! They are top quality. The company was very professional too. I am so Happy with my leaded glass! They are Beautigul! Thank You.

Pam Richards / Austin, Texas
August 9, 2016

Everything about the job was excellent and above average. Everyone was kind, courteous, accommodating, and flexible. The follow through was outstanding.

Recognize Excellence: Jim Stare was excellent. Rico, the project manager. Joe, the owner.

I couldn’t say enough about how much we like them.

Wayne Sartori / Centennial, Colorado
May, 13, 2016