Add Unique Character to Your Restaurant, Bar, & Pub with Beautiful Stained & Leaded Glass

If you are an architect or designer working on a commercial project or a restaurant owner wanting to create a “wow” factor to impress customers and help generate repeat business, we have exceptional advice and solutions to offer you. Our stained glass windows are a beautiful, elegant feature that will enhance the atmosphere of any restaurant, bar, or pub. 

At Scottish Stained Glass, we work with businesses at all stages of ownership. We will be happy to work with any architects or builders in the process of building to incorporate stained glass into the initial style. On the other hand, if you already own your bar or restaurant, our designers would love to work with you to add a new stained glass work of art into your business.

Give Your Guests an Experience They’ll Remember

restaurant stained glass

Stained glass in restaurants is not only a perfect and elegant way to customize and transform the decor; it also serves countless functional purposes. Without construction or destruction, it can create conceptual divisions amongst rooms and seating areas. This allows guests to feel privacy without actual walls acting as barriers.

Adding stained glass to seating areas facing the sidewalks can also give privacy to your customers. Additionally, restaurants can use stained glass to create a variety of color and lighting effects. It can also be used as signage for branding or even to distinguish means of egress.

Create an Authentic, Inviting Atmosphere

Stained glass windows are also an expert way of authenticating your Scottish or Irish pub. The use of Celtic design and knot work within your bar can help to create the atmosphere you desire. 

Since all of our pieces are custom made, we can also match existing color themes within your bar or pub.  We can design custom colored glass signs to brighten your bar area as well, and we can even include the name of your bar on a glass panel.  

If your bar is in a basement location, instead of letting your customers look at dingy cement window wells when they visit, why not fill those windows with stained glass! Custom stained glass will look fantastic and can be thoughtfully curated to complement the current style of your bar!

bar stained glass

Artistic Glass Signs & Branding Pieces

restaurant stained glass

Show your customers that you’re different, right from the start. Stained glass signs are a creative way to differentiate your business and set it apart. They look beautiful when placed indoors or out and are a sure way to dazzle your guests.

At Scottish Stained Glass, creating custom signage and branding pieces is one of our specialties. Our vast inventory of glass colors and textures ensures the perfect match for any brand. Whether you’re looking for an ultra modern aesthetic or something more classic and timeless, our skilled designs can bring your vision to life!

Sophisticated & Stylish Bar Decor

Guests love having a fun place to hang out and relax. Stained glass gives bars a unique, charming look that delights and entertains guests. Your guests will have the time of their lives as they enjoy their food and drinks in your stylish bar. 

At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer numerous options for customization so you can create the perfect look for your bar. Whether you’re in the market for some new light fixtures, decorative art for your storage cabinet, or privacy glass for your lobby or dining area, our vast selection of stained glass colors and styles ensures the perfect fit.

Mesmerizing Skylights & Ceilings

Stained glass skylights let beautiful natural light flood the room, creating a cheerful, energizing atmosphere. These elegant features are the perfect option for impressing bar and restaurant guests and will provide a convincing reason for them to return! 

Stained glass ceilings are intricate and complex. At Scottish Stained Glass, we possess the skill and knowledge required to execute your project flawlessly. Over the years, we’ve restored numerous glass ceilings in disrepair and given them new life. On top of this, we’ve also assisted with the construction of new restaurants and bars and provided beautiful ceilings to fulfill the requirements of their architectural design.

Custom Designed & Made for Your Business

Our endless design options make it easy for you to create the perfect look for your business. Whether you are looking to add an elaborate ceiling to your restaurant or bar to create an elegant, high-end style, or hoping for a beautiful family crest for your bar to give it that comfortable, hospitable feel, Scottish Stained Glass can create the right piece for you.  

We have built thousands of unique pieces for business across the country. Our design team will create a stunning glass piece for your restaurant or bar that takes your business to new heights!

restaurant stained glass

Add Beautiful Artwork to Your Bar or Restaurant

restaurant stained glass

Give us a call and take advantage of the free advice we can offer you for your restaurant, pub, or bar.  We can’t wait to start working with you to add a unique glass piece to your business!

My installer, David, was a contractor for your company. Originally, there was a mix-up on the time of the install but he made it right. He had just gotten his hip replaced a week ago and was not supposed to be working, but when he found out that there has been a miscommunication and how important it was to get the piece installed that day (it was an engagement surprise gift for my fiancee) he drove with the piece from San Antonio up to my house before the end of the business day and personally installed it. He really saved the day and I wanted to give him a personal shout out. Looks great!

Myles Wallace / Houston, Texas April 19, 2019

I can’t thank You Barb, and Scottish Stained Glass enough for my awesome window! It is amazing and keeps me in my kitchen extra hours. I look forward every morning to seeing it when I enter my kitchen. Dearest Barb, I do so appreciate your design execution and use of the glass types you suggested. You’re the best

Joan Schacht / Denver, Colorado May 27, 2018

I highly recommend Scottish Stained Glass. We are so pleased with our sidelights and we get compliments from visitors all the time. We were delighted when SSG called to tell us our sidelights were ready for installation much earlier than promised! Our designer was knowledgable and delightful to work with. A great experience all around!

Karen Yadgar / Centennial, Colorado August 1, 2016