Experience the Classic Beauty of Beveled Glass

The Beauty of Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass has designed a unique collection of traditional beveled stained glass panels influenced by the palaces of Europe and the Victorian mansion homes of older American cities such as New York, Boston, and Chicago.

Most of these designs feature the use of beautifully hand cut beveled stained glass pieces. Beveled glass is made by taking thick clear glass and cutting it into the desired shapes. These pieces are then ground down around the edges and polished at an angle. When the light shines through these pieces an incredible prism is produced which brightens up the room with a rainbow of light.The beveled pieces can then be combined with clear textured glass or sometimes colored stained glass to produce stunning results.

Create the Perfect Look for Your Home

Our clients love the elegant look which our beveled glass brings to any room or area of their homes. The most popular area would be the entryway but many other areas are extremely popular as well.  We can add this style to any area of your home to add privacy and create new looking, beautiful light.

The Scottish Stained Glass team has designed thousands of windows with beveled designs over the years.  Browse through some of our galleries to get a better idea of the many options available for this style.  Since each of our works is one of a kind, we can work with a previous design you like to create something new for your home, or start something from scratch to build something you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Our Customers Love Their Beveled Stained Glass Windows

We believe our Victorian stained glass window collection is the finest in the world and one of our clients, David Avrin, seems to agree. “I know I will never own the most beautiful home in the world or drive the fastest car in the world but thanks to Scottish Stained Glass I can actually afford to buy the most beautiful stained glass in the world. Every time I look at my glass I just stare in amazement at the beauty of the design and the wonderful craftsmanship.”

Custom Made by Dedicated, Experienced Stained Glass Artisans

Our team is made up of the most passionate and talented designers and builders in the field.  Founder Martin Faith learned the art of stained glass over 25 years ago in his home of Scotland.  He has passed on his knowledge of authentic glass making to our team, and the superior quality of our products has made us the leading provider in the country.

Origin of Beveled Glass Windows

Beveled glass was initially used in the production of mirrors. While today’s mirrors are made of glass, they were originally made from metal. This art is believed to have been practiced as early as early as c.2900BC in Ancient Egyptian times. It wasn’t until much later that man began making mirrors from glass. Archaeologists have found small, convex glass mirrors dating back to the 3rd century. 

But still, the beveled edge was not invented for some time until glass mirrors took on a more artistic form during the 12th century. The looking glass was invented and rock crystal was used in lieu of glass to create mirrors. Around the same time, guildsmen in Venice began experimenting with mercury glass. These mirrors were decorated with ornate frames and beveled edges. Eventually, the beveled edge style began being used in other forms of glassmaking, leading to the production of beveled glass windows.

Beveled Glass in American Architecture

Widespread use of beveled glass in architecture and design began in the early 19th century. The trend took off quickly in America and by 1890, beveled glass windows reached their peak in popularity. Beveled glass windows became commonplace in residential architecture, especially in the use of Victorian style homes. This includes the Queene Anne, Folk Victorian, and Shingle style homes that became popularized in the cities of Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Beveled glass windows were especially popular among affluent American families. They were a symbol of grace, elegance, and stature. 

This architectural trend lasted for quite some time, up until the 1920s, but never died out completely. Beveled glass windows are still used today in modern building designs due to their unique ability to brighten interior spaces and create the illusion of privacy. While they are most often used in conjunction with antique and vintage decor, modern designers and architects are now finding new, innovative ways to use beveled glass in their work. By combining old and new design aesthetics, home design professionals are able to create spaces that are elegant, yet intriguing for the uniqueness of their overall composition.

Get an Estimate on Beveled Stained Glass

Contact us now for pricing and let Scottish Stained Glass bring the world’s most beautiful windows into your life.  Feel free to send us an email or give us a call with any questions about adding beveled glass to a window or door in your home.

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