Install Stained Glass Inspired by the Prairie Style in Your Home

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to feature prairie style designs influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement. Prairie Stained Glass was a wonderful addition to many homes built 1900’s – 1930’s. The organic approach to architecture and design can be seen in particular with this stained glass work.

Beautify Your Home with Rich Earth Tones & Elegant Designs

Bring the beauty of America’s rolling amber hills and sun-kissed prairie landscape into your home! Prairie style stained glass windows are designed to reflect the natural beauty of the outside world. Originally, they were inspired by the landscape of the plains states and were created using rich, earthy colors. Almost all the stained glass works of the Prairie Style are straight lines and geometric shapes. Clients with a taste for contemporary furnishings and liking for the Mission style are most often drawn to this style of stained glass design.

Many of our clients love these types of stained glass window designs although a large number of Prairie Style stained glass designs use clear glass with small splashes of color. This works for some of our clients but others prefer to use these stained and leaded glass window and door panels to offer some degree of privacy. Therefore we offer various textures of glass in order that the interior of the client’s home cannot be seen from the outside.

Our Process for Designing Prairie Stained Glass

Using our unique CAD system we have designed over 200 different prairie and Prairie Style custom designs and look forward to creating many more in the near future. The latest addition to our technology allows us to show you a photograph of your window with a computer rendering of the stained glass shown exactly as it will look before we even start making the glass.

Whether you are looking to restore original windows or create new ones, Scottish Stained Glass has the design expertise and installation experience to make your prairie stained glass windows the talk of the neighborhood. Give us a call or email us today for a free design consultation.

History of Prairie Style Stained Glass

“Prairie style” refers not only to a certain aesthetic used in stained glass, but also an architectural style as well. The style emerged in the early 1900’s and was developed by a group of architects in the Chicago area, one of which was Frank Lloyd Wright. Also included in the group were George Elmslie, Myron Hunt, George Washington Maher, Dwight Perkins, William Gray Purcell, Thomas Talmadge, and Vernon Watson. 

The group was inspired by the work of Louis Sullivan, an architect who was later nicknamed the “father of modernism” and became well-known for his skyscraper designs. Drawing off of Sullivan’s writings and ideas, the group attempted to develop an aesthetic style that embodied the beauty of the Midwest landscape and created a more seamless transition between the outdoors and building interiors. For these reasons, designs were mainly composed of smooth, horizontal lines, an aesthetic that was meant to represent the flat landscape of America’s plains region. Prairie style also fell in line with the goals of the Arts & Crafts Movement, which sought to eliminate the aesthetic created by mass production and focused on craftsmanship and minimalism.

Characteristics of Prairie Style

custom prairie stained glass doors denver

Like the roaming hills of the Midwest, prairie style buildings sprawled out across the lots they occupied. They exhibited flat roof lines, overhanging eaves, and rows of windows placed side by side, a look that was meant to resemble the flat, treeless landscape.

They refrained from using ornamentation in excess and, instead, focused heavily on the principles of design. Their layouts were open and airy, giving the illusion that instead of being indoors, one was outside. 

Add Prairie Style Stained Glass to Your Home or Building

Add an elegant prairie style stained glass window to your home, church, or building. Call Scottish Stained Glass today to get started with the process.

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