Add Beauty & Ensure Privacy with Leaded Stained Glass Windows

Add beautiful privacy to any space with leaded stained glass! At Scottish Stained Glass, we have a beautiful collection of various clear, textured glasses that we use to make our leaded glass windows. Though colorless, leaded glass is just as stunning as stained glass and can be used for the same purpose of adding light and privacy to interior spaces.

Authentically Produced & Custom Made

As the art of making leaded stained glass was passed through the ages, Scottish Stained Glass founder and owner Martin Faith was taught the age old method of crafting the world’s most beautiful glass. Today we all benefit as Martin has shared his knowledge with all of Scottish Stained Glass’s talented craftsmen in order to help them produce the world’s most beautiful products.

Bring Out the Best in Your Home

Leaded glass can be used in your home in any number of ways.  Our designers will work with you to create the perfect piece for your unique home.  Some of our most popular applications of leaded glass include entryways and sidelights, bathroom windows, kitchen cabinets, and transoms.  

Since each project we build is one of a kind, your options are limitless, and our designers will help you make the key decisions about your stained glass window.  The Scottish Stained Glass team can help you create an addition to your home that is cohesive with the rest of your decor, and something that your family will love for years to come.

We often recommend leaded glass to our clients instead of our colored options because it creates a more timeless look.  No matter what style home or decor you have, our designers can create a leaded piece that will not only look great with your home, but will also add value to your home.  Leaded styles appeal to most personal tastes, and it can become a selling point for your home in the future.

The History of Leaded Glass

Leaded glass is a type of glass that has been mixed with lead-rich materials while molten; lead replaces the calcium content of a typical glass. 

Lead glass has a long history. The earliest known example with lead oxide additives is a blue glass fragment from Nippur dated to 1400 BC. Leaded stained glass was first used in medieval Europe as a base for colored glass. This glass was used in mosaic tiles, enamels, stained glass painting, and to imitate precious stones. Lead oxide was used to create enamel for vessels and windows because of its lower working temperature.

By the 17th century George Ravenscroft produced the first clear lead glass on a large sale. Taking advantage of his merchant class status, Ravenscroft was able to revolutionize the glass trade and shifted England into the leader as a leaded glass innovator. Scotland, especially Glasgow, became the world center for creating leaded glass windows and glassware.

Famous Works & Artists

Ravenscroft wasn’t the only artisan drawn to the beauty of leaded glass. Countless artisans through the centuries have turned to leaded glass as their preferred medium. David Wolff and Frans Greenwood found great success from producing works made from lead-crystal glass in Holland. And by the end of the 18th century, lead-crystal glass was being produced by artists in France, Hungary, Germany, and Norway. Around the same time, the popularity of lead-crystal glass began to exceed that of lime-potash glasses in Ireland. 

In 1932, a group of scientists at Corning Glassworks discovered a way to make a new type of leaded glass that was considerably clearer and, therefore, more visually stunning. Steuben Glass Works used these concepts to produce a range of leaded glass works fashioned in the Art Deco style. 

Other artisans found great fame for their remarkable ability to combine clear leaded glass with stained glass. Examples include Frank Lloyd Wright, known for his prairie style designs and  Henry Webster Tomlinson

Modern Leaded Glass Windows

To this day, leaded glass continues to be used for both industrial and decorative applications. The elegant designs created by the lead caming and beautiful bevel clusters make it a popular choice for a variety of architectural styles. However, for quite some time, in the United States, it became a defining feature of Victorian style homes. Many homes with historic leaded glass windows can still be found in the affluent neighborhoods of Chicago, New York, Boston, and San Francisco. 

Leaded glass windows are an obvious choice for modern architecture for a variety of reasons. First, their beauty is astounding. They delight the onlooker with their intricate details and crystalline appearance as they shed prismatic rays of light across the room. Secondly, they serve a practical purpose of creating privacy without having to resort to window coverings like curtains. Modern architects and interior designers incorporate leaded glass into their plans as a way of preserving as much natural light as possible.

Order a Beautiful Leaded Glass Window for Your Home

For more information about adding a leaded glass piece to your home, give us a call or send us an email.  Our experienced team can’t wait to start working with you on your next project!

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