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Contemporary Stained Glass Entryway
Contemporary Stained Glass Bathroom Window
Contemporary Stained Glass Bevels
Contemporary Stained Glass Transoms
Contemporary Stained Glass Diamonds
Contemporary Stained Glass Circle
Contemporary Stained Glass Designs
Contemporary Stained Glass Sun
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Check Out Our Modern & Contemporary Stained Glass Designs

Contemporary design is a style that incorporates a variety of principles and elements. Contemporary designs are simple, crisp, uncluttered, and linear. Though the designs appear simple, they are actually quite complex in theory. Striking bursts of color are also used in contemporary design. It is a more abstract style, especially when compared to traditional design. Often contemporary pieces, such as lighting fixtures and custom stained glass windows, become the focal point of a space because their unique beauty draws attention to them. Scottish Stained Glass has developed styles of contemporary stained and leaded glass that are all our own but still customized for every customer. Our contemporary collection offers stained glass for every taste. We provide stained glass designs that incorporate colored glass and clear glass, a variety of textures, and often some beveled pieces. Our contemporary stained and leaded glass designs are mostly linear, angular, and geometrical. They can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. No matter what shapes and elements the final design includes, the stained glass windows will relate to your individual home and taste. Many homes with contemporary architecture have simple but interesting décor. Our contemporary stained glass window design will capture the mood of each individual home with designs that continue the simplistic style and enhance the overall feel. Our contemporary glass often consists of straight lines and edges that all relate to each other as well as the surrounding spaces. Though the shapes and composition look crisp and simple, the process to obtain those designs and relationships are quite complex. There are many factors to analyze when designing contemporary stained and leaded glass. Martin Faith, owner of Scottish Stained Glass explains,”Scottish Stained Glass does not attempt to overwhelm the space with complex designs which would in some cases detract from other features of the home. Instead we want to compliment the other design features.”

Contemporary Stained Glass Styles

  • Leaded & Beveled Glass
  • Art Deco Style Stained Glass
  • Mission Style Stained Glass

    Over the past two decades, thousands of contemporary style stained and leaded glass windows and door panels have been designed and built by Scottish Stained Glass. Contemporary stained and leaded glass works perfectly in doors, sidelights, cabinets, transoms, kitchens, basements, and even stairwells. The only thing the thousands of contemporary stained glass windows that we have designed have in common is that they are all uniquely different as each one is individually designed and manufactured especially for the client and space it occupies. “Most of our work in contemporary settings tends to be on the simpler side and we tend to take a more minimalist approach” says Martin. “We also use a lot more geometric pieces than when designing more traditional glass. Many of today’s residential architects love this style and approach so it’s always fun for everyone involved when working on these types of projects.”To find out more about creating your own unique contemporary stained or leaded glass contact Scottish Stained Glass today.

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