Antique Stained Glass Collection – Authentic Scottish Glass

Elevate your interior with the distinct beauty of authentic Scottish Stained Glass! Scottish Stained Glass owner Martin Faith has placed his antique stained glass collection on sale. These beautiful, one of a kind works are part of a private collection and have been imported directly from Scotland. Each one exhibits a unique, remarkable beauty and will make a stunning addition to any home.

Artisan Made Stained Glass Imported from Scotland

All of the pieces from our Scottish Collection are authentic, antique works, built in Scotland between 1870-1914. Created by skilled artisans and installed in estates surrounding Glasgow, these windows exhibit an alluring beauty and are exceptionally well-made. 

Our owner, Martin Faith has been collecting pieces since the 1980’s and brought them to the United States in 1990 when he moved to Colorado. They are beautiful examples of glass textures and colors that no longer exist as well as construction techniques that resulted from hundreds of years of Scottish craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation. 

In addition to residential works, we also have a vast collection of authentic Scottish church windows. All pieces have been cleaned and are now ready to be hung or installed in windows or on walls.

Scotland’s Captivating Stained Glass History

antique stained glass family crests

Some of the finest stained glass windows ever made were produced in Scotland. Glasgow, home of the Glasgow School of Art, is considered by many to be the “stained glass capital” of the world. What’s more, Scottish artists have been making stained glass windows for centuries. For this reason, Scotland’s stained glass is known for its exceptional quality and beauty.

Like most of Europe, stained glass reached its height in popularity during the Middle Ages. Fragments of Medieval stained glass have been recovered in Scotland from numerous monastic sites. Most of these are believed to have been manufactured during the 13th and 14th centuries and are of the potassium rich ‘forest glass’ variety. As the art form evolved, artists began using different recipes to make their stained glass. Both high lime low alkali glasses as well as mixed alkali glass have been discovered during archaeological examinations. 

One of the most famous examples of stained glass in Scotland is the Magdalen Chapel, built between 1541 and 1544. The stained glass windows in this chapel are still intact today and are among the very few that survived the Scottish Reformation. Shards of antique stained glass have also been recovered from Morison’s Haven, Elgin and St Andrews cathedrals, Blackfriars monastery, and Elcho Priory. 

Many of Scotland’s church stained glass windows no longer exist due to the Scottish Reformation. During this time, Scotland broke ties with the Papacy and developed a more Presbyterian outlook. As a result, church architecture was revolutionized and almost all of Scotland’s medieval stained glass was destroyed

As attitudes shifted, stained glass experienced a revival in Scotland and once again found its way into mainstream architecture. Today, beautiful examples of stained glass can be found in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, and many other areas of the country.

Add an Antique Stained Glass Window to Your Home!

Our Antique Scottish Collection is composed of rare and valuable stained glass windows imported directly from Scotland. These antique windows will make an enchanting addition to any home that delights and inspires for years. Call today to learn more about the pieces that we have for sale!

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