America’s Most Amazing Church Stained Glass Part 1: The Air Force Academy’s Cadet Chapel In Colorado Springs

Church Stained Glass: An American Artform Church stained glass is something ubiquitous to churches and American Churches are no different. This country has some of the most beautiful stained glass chapels, churches, mosques, and synagogue in the world. As church stained glass restoration experts, we have a deep appreciation for these churches and the breathtaking […]

How to Choose a Stained Glass Studio for Your Fort Worth Church Project

stained glass fort worth church

Today, churches often don’t know who to turn to when they need stained glass work. Many stained glass studios today don’t have experience working with antique stained glass and therefore aren’t able to perform the repairs required for a full restoration. Even churches who are looking for new stained glass windows may have a difficult […]

Breathtaking Stained Glass Designs for Fort Collins Churches

At one point in time, stained glass windows were used in churches as a way to share the messages in scripture with people who did not know how to read. At this point in time, a great deal of the world’s population was still illiterate so churches had to figure out a different way of […]

Stained Glass Repair: What’s the Process for Colorado Springs Churches?

stained glass repair colorado springs

While stained glass windows may appear to look fragile, they’re actually quite durable. Years of practice and advances in engineering, technology, and science have provided modern stained glass artists today with a wealth of knowledge for creating windows that are stronger and more durable than they ever have been in the past. Yet, there are […]

Where to Add Stained Glass Windows to Your Kansas City Church

stained glass windows kansas city

Do you belong to a church that’s in the middle of remodeling or undergoing renovations? One change you should consider making is adding stained glass windows to your Kansas City church. Stained glass windows are not only a traditional part of church design, but they also serve a practical purposes as well. Color and texture […]

Stained Glass Restoration Stories: Bethel A.M.E.

What Church Stained Glass Restoration Means To A Community Church stained glass restoration, although sometimes expensive, is critical to the history of American churches of all denominations, breathes new life into congregations and brings absolute joy to parishioners. As such, it is something for churches here in Denver and across the country with stained glass […]

Guide to Stained Glass Preservation for San Antonio Churches

preserving stained glass san antonio

If you have stained glass windows in your San Antonio church, you may have some questions or concerns about their preservation. Often, stained glass windows in historic churches have been there for quite some time, and therefore current members of the church board and congregation are unfamiliar with how to maintain them for optimal condition. […]

Beautiful Churches in Austin with Stained Glass Windows

austin church stained glass windows

The city of Austin is known for its vibrant music and entertainment scene. But did you know that it’s also home to some of the most beautiful church stained glass windows? It’s true! People from all over the country visit these stunning churches just for the opportunity to gaze at the incredible detail and evidence […]

5 Ways Stained Glass Restoration Benefits your Dallas Church Congregation

church stained glass restoration dallas

Perhaps your stained glass windows aren’t looking as clear or colorful as they used to. Or maybe the leading is bent out of shape in places and the glass itself is cracked or bulging. Either way, your Dallas church stained glass windows are in need of restoration. But with all the cost and effort involved, […]

Using Contemporary Stained Glass to Modernize Your Denver Church

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Stained Glass Can Help Fill Your Church with Light and Add a Splash of Color Today, more and more churches are embracing the ideas of meditation and inner reflection. For this reason, churches are now refocusing the design and layout of their space to create an ambiance that’s peaceful, soothing, and welcoming, rather than sticking […]

How Custom Stained Glass Improves Fort Worth Churches

Are you looking for permanent ways that continue to inspire your congregation on a daily basis? The right sermon can really be transformative for many congregation members, but what will inspire them when they seek prayer during non-service hours? Many people find solace in their church’s stained glass– they’ll find their own personal meanings and […]

Restoring the Historic Stained Glass in Fort Collins Churches

Historic stained glass in Fort Collins churches offers so much significance throughout both the community as well as for the congregation. Preserving historic stained glass is crucial in order to maintain the antique, monetary value as well as the sentimental value. Proper preservation for stained glass requires regular cleanings as well as restoration every 75 […]

Beautify Your Colorado Springs Home with Custom Stained Glass

Homes across the nation are always trying to find ways that beautify their properties while offering great value in improved equity. Enhancing your curb appeal is always wonderful for both resale as well as taking pride in your own home. Colorado Springs homes can definitely appreciate this– homeowners like to find aesthetic appeal that can […]

How Custom Stained Glass Can Benefit Your Kansas City Church

Kansas City churches tend to have strong community ties and close-knit congregations. Embodying these values and really promoting an even stronger church message can bring people together even more. Stained glass has always been a means of teaching important biblical messages and worshiping significant figures. Custom stained glass is the best way to continue this […]

Tips on How to Keep Your Dallas Church Stained Glass in Great Condition

Stained glass plays a major role in any church. Congregation members draw inspiration from these pieces of art during each service and start implementing them into their daily routines and family traditions. Stained glass can also have a significant impact in Dallas communities, providing great historic value. When properly maintained, stained glass can last for […]

Signs that Your San Antonio Chapel Stained Glass is Ready for Restoration

San Antonio chapels definitely house some of the most gorgeous religious stained glass windows in Texas. With beautiful, antique stained glass that’s been enjoyed for multiple generations, these windows and panels are definitely cherished by their communities. Did you know that stained glass needs to be restored every 75 to 100 years in order to […]

Benefits of Custom Stained Glass for Your Austin Church

Stained glass has played a large role in churches for centuries. Originally, stained glass was utilized as a tool for teaching the illiterate about the teachings of the Bible. Today, stained glass continues to play a significant role in churches, offering inspiration and meaningful symbolism for congregation members. Stained glass often becomes a highly treasured […]

Address Privacy Concerns in Your Denver Home with Custom Stained Glass

Denver homes are definitely more susceptible to privacy concerns. With properties located within close proximity to each other, many homeowners experience privacy issues and trying to find a true solution that’s effective and has a nice aesthetic. While window coverings are effective in blocking unwanted views, they block out natural sunlight and can often appear […]

Does Your Kansas City Church Stained Glass Need Restoration? Find Out Here!

Stained Glass:  Durable But Needs Regular Restoration And Repair Stained glass is actually an extremely durable material, made only better by the fact that it takes color through paints, pigments, and dye. This means it is a wonderful medium for adorning churches and giving it that coveted ethereal feel. Just because stained glass is durable, […]

Ways to Incorporate Stained Glass into Your Modern Kansas City Church Design

The way that churches are being designed today is drastically different from the past. Church designs used to focus on creating an ambiance of grandeur, and included ornate decor, artwork with religious figures, towering steeples, and high ceilings. But today, churches realize that their worshipers are seeking a different experience. Modern church designs focus on […]

Restore Your Kansas City Church’s Stained Glass to Continue Inspiring Your Congregation

Kansas City churches have some of the most gorgeous, historic stained glass pieces in the country. With rich historical context and highly inspirational imagery, these stained glass pieces are a real integral part of the worship process. Congregation members often associate these stained glass panels to personal perceptions of each service, guiding their spiritual process. […]

Featured Modern Leaded Glass Project: Altar’d State Boulder

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to have been chosen to manufacture and assemble the complete leaded glass storefront in addition to interior leaded glass features in Altar’d State’s newest location in Boulder. Altar’d State is a faith-based national retailer with over 100 boutiques throughout thirty states. Altar’d State is renowned for its branded unique fashion […]

Benefits of Antique Stained Glass Restoration for Fort Collins Historic Homes, Restaurants and Hotels

antique stained glass restoration fort collins

There is great value and virtue in preserving antique art. Antiques and collectibles are our ties to the past, the history and culture of mankind. When we look at the skill that many artists had to employ at the time of creation, we are amazed to find that their intellect far proceeded their time. And […]

What You Need To Know Before Your Colorado Springs Church Begins Its Antique Stained Glass Restoration Process

colorado springs stained glass restoration

Many religious groups consider their stained glass an important part of their church. If a church is very old, the stained glass has likely been a part of the church for a long time and therefore has memories and sentimental value attached to it. Even stained glass windows that are newer or more modern may […]

Benefits of Antique Stained Glass Restoration for Dallas Historic Homes, Restaurants and Hotels

stained glass restoration dallas

Stained and leaded glass can be found in homes, churches, and establishments all across the country. In Dallas, stained glass can be found in historic areas like Munger Place, Oak Cliff, Preston Hollow, and Kessler Park. Today, many of these neighborhoods are over a century old and many stained glass windows in Dallas are nearing […]

How to get started with your Fort Worth home’s antique stained glass restoration project

Preparation: The Key To A Smooth Stained Glass Restoration So you have decided to get the stained glass in your Fort Worth home restored. Good for you! You will be astonished at the life and luster that comes with stained glass restoration. Now that the decision is made, next will come the work and, like […]

What You Need To Know Before Your San Antonio Church Begins Its Antique Stained Glass Restoration Process

san antonio stained glass restoration

San Antonio is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful church stained glass windows in Texas. Few churches can compete with the stunning beauty of The Basilica of the Little Flower and its beautiful stained glass windows. The San Fernando Cathedral also boasts a breathtaking exterior, fashioned in the Roman Gothic style of […]

To Keep Or Replace: A Closer Look At The Value of Stained Glass in Austin Historic Homes

austin stained glass value

Stained glass windows can add considerable character and charm to a home. In Austin, stained glass is a very common feature in historic homes located in neighborhoods like Old Enfield, North University, Clarksville, Hyde Park, and Travis Heights. Whether you’re the owner of a home with stained glass or are thinking about moving into a […]

Keep the Character of Your Denver Victorian Home Intact By Restoring Stained Glass

stained glass restoration denver

Victorian homes in historic areas of Denver like Wash Park, Capitol Hill, and Park Hill are the stuff that dreams are made of. Wide wrap around porches, decorative railings, and a tall, narrow frame give a Victorian home a striking look that simply cannot be compared to modern styles of architecture. Preserving the defining characters […]

A Brief Guide on How to Interpret Church Stained Glass Biblical Messages

church stained glass messages interpret

You have likely seen stained glass windows in churches many times over your life. Perhaps you’re a part of a church that has stained glass windows. But have you ever stopped to think about what they mean or symbolize? In this article we discuss church stained glass common symbols, messages, and colors used in the […]